• Ian Clark, CFA
  • David Campbell, CFA, MBA
Consulting Services Toronto

Bridging the Gap

Insight Capital Partners is a consulting firm that is highly focused on helping small and midcap companies bridge the gap between catalyst events. Relationships with all facets of trading and banking in Canada including large and small investment managers, independent broker dealers as well as bank trading desks.

Insight Capital Partner Delivers

  • Unbiased knowledgeable market commentary from a buy side trading desk perspective
  • Monthly reports for management and the Board to review
    Senior trader available for real time views of the trading picture around the stock
  • Quantitative and qualitative information required to understand the capital markets inclusively (trading, Investment Banking, behavior of various accounts and dealers)
  • Information required to bridge the gap between catalyst and capital funding events
Stock Trading Toronto

Serving across Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia, Calgary, Alberta, and the surrounding areas.

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